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Welcome to the Kaatskeller nestled in the quaint village of Livingston Manor in the Catskill Mountains of New York—a haven where rustic charm meets gastronomic delight. We offer unique dining experiences year-round for all types of groups and gatherings. From large outdoor events on our garden patio, with twinkle lights, and a bonfire, to intimate affairs in our mid-century cozy cocktail loft. Discover a culinary journey, where every slice tells a story of craftsmanship and the freshest locally sourced ingredients.


We elevate the humble pizza to an art form, marrying traditional techniques with innovative flavors that celebrate the bounty of the Catskills. Whether it's the crackle of our wood-fired oven or the meticulous selection of artisanal cheeses and farm-fresh produce, each element culminates in a symphony of taste that tantalizes the senses.


Whether you're savoring our signature pies or exploring our curated menu of craft cocktails and local brews, every visit promises an experience that lingers long after the last bite.


Join us for your next event and let our dedicated and passionate staff make your event an event to remember!

2024 Pricing

May – October

Semi-private starting at $130 per person / maximum 40 ppl

Site fee starting at $500

Private starting at $150 per person / Up to 130 ppl*

Site fee starting at $2500

November – April

Private starting at $150 per person / maximum 40 ppl

Site fee starting at $2500

*If you have more than 130 people, contact us for details on how we can customize and accommodate your event!


Both Private packages include an open bar option. 

Email: for all event inquiries


For general information: 

For large party reservations:

For private event inquiries:

(845) 439-4339

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